Jabra-Frost & Sullivan Survey Shows the Future’s Workplace is at Home

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Posted: 02/06/2015 21:14
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Jabra collaborates with Frost & Sullivan to conduct a survey focusing on remote agents and what contact center managers have to say about them. And based on the survey, it seems like the future’s workplace will be found at home.

250 contact center managers all around the world were surveyed, last December 2011, by Jabra and Frost & Sullivan. And there mission? To find the relationship among these factors:

  • A good sound environment
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Increased productivity


The survey shows that 80% of the contact center managers recognizes the advantages of employing remote agents.

Contact centers believing remote agent system will help provide well-qualified and better pool of candidates:

  • Large Contact Centers: 87%
  • Small Contact Centers: 72%

Employing Remote Agents as Contact Centers’ Future:

  • American: 72%
  • Indian: 71%

Advantages for Remote Agents:

  • Decrease in the commuting time
  • Flexibility in working hours

Advantages for Contact Centers:

  • Increase work satisfaction
  • Increase in agent retention

Both contact center’s remote and in-house agents need to block out noises from their surroundings and would need noise-cancellation headsets. These managers concur:

  • American: 79%
  • Indian: 67%

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