2015 PLT Labs Application Innovation Contest Winners Revealed

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Posted: 16/06/2015 18:26
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New innovators have been awarded money and great opportunities to imagine and revolutionize new applications for today’s industries. The 2015 PLT Labs Application Innovation Contest simply gives way to the future!

Together with PLT Labs and Clarity, Plantronics announced the winners of the 2015 PLT Labs Application Innovation Contest. The prizes for the winners are as follows:

  • Grand Prize Winner: US $50,000
  • Second Place Winner: US $25,000
  • Third Place Winner: US $10,000

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The company gave the participants access to Plantronics APIs, SDKs, and Plantronics’ Wearable Concept One prototype device to help them in their imagination and innovation. The winners of the contest were the following:

Grand Prize Winner:

Team: Bitcot (Raj Sanghvi)

Concept: “PlanetCar”

            -a cross-platform mobile application that raises an alert when a collision occurs

Second Place Winner

Team: Deep Contact (Vamis Xhagjika)

Concept: “ContactCenterEvo”

            -mobile contact centers’ back-end support with UX navigation and user authentication

Third Place Winner

Team: Ergo UK (Jeffrey Powell)

Concept: Workplace ergonomic best-practices solution