Plantronics Products are Now WEBRTC-Ready!

Plantronics Products are Now WEBRTC-Ready!
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Posted: 10/06/2015 17:23
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Do you need a WebRTC-ready device? There’s a good news for you! Plantronics products are now WebRTC-ready so you can have a pick at which you prefer and you can be more flexible in using it now. 

Communication is something big in any industry today. In fact, it is one of the key factors that drive enterprises to success through increasing productivity within the teams of employees. And a great improvement in that same field is the WebRTC.

The WebRTC provides users access to real-time voice and video by using browsers. And this same WebRTC can now be used through Plantronics products. In fact, all of the Plantronics products are now WebRTC-ready.

Do you want to have your own WebRTC-ready Plantronics product? Visit our store and skim through our list of options.

If you already have your own Plantronics device, you can start you WebRTC session immediately by simply connecting it through Bluetooth or USB. This new improvement in the devices give way to flexibility across multiple platforms. And this provides more advantages for enterprises, especially in terms of their collaboration and productivity. 

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