Plantronics SHR2082-01 Ruggedised Industrial (92082-01)

Plantronics SHR2082-01 Ruggedised Industrial (92082-01)
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Plantronics SHR2082-01 Ruggedised Industrial Headset, Single-Ear, Circumonaural, Heavy Duty Headset  (92082-01)

Designed to work in extremely high noise environments

4-6 Weeks ETA from date of order

The Plantronics SHR2082-01 industrial strength headset ensures quality while built for extremely high volume environments.  Built fir strength and performance the over the head design seals up a single ear with heavey duty ear piece.  Superior noise canceling blocks out most background noise which is perfect for louder environments.  The Plantronics SHR2082-01 headset is built to with stand heavy industrial like measures.  Includes a quick disconnect connection for simply disconnecting the headset without having to take it off.  Requires a Plantronics amplifier such as the Plantronics M22 or the Plantronics CA12CD wireless amplifier.

Features of Plantronics SHR2082-01 Headset

  • Industrial Noise Canceling Microphone
  • Soft Cushion Single Ear Piece and Headband
  • 30" of Straight Cord with Plantronics Quick Disconnect
  • Flexible Boom Mic with Windscreen and Clothing Clip
  • Works great in large call centers, warehouses and noisy factories
  • Plantronics Over the Head Industrial Strength Noise Canceling Headset
  • Designed to work in extremely high noise environments
  • Requires a Plantronics Amplifier such as the Plantronics M22 Vista or Plantronics CA12CD Wireless Amplifier depending on the requirements of your phone system or dispatch console


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