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Jabra produces innovative hands-free mobile headsets. Its award-winning headset range features cordless and corded models for every kind of mobile device.

Jabra's combination of comfort and cutting-edge technology is designed to serve just one purpose: to enable people to use mobile communication as freely and naturally as possible. GN Netcom, through their Jabra product line, enables people to be more flexible and productive.

GN Mobile is part of GN Store Nord. GN Store Nord has been helping people connect since 1869. Initially as a telegraph company and now as a leader in personal communications providing increased mobility and quality of life for its users.

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Wireless Headsets

Jabra Wireless Headsets

Be free to work how you want. Jabra’s wireless headsets let you get away from your desk. If you work in a telephone-intensive office, spending hours on the phone can take its toll. Buy professional Jabra wireless headsets for use with all leading desktop phones and Unified Communication platforms.

Corded Headsets

Jabra Corded Headsets

Jabra corded headsets compatible with leading desktop phones and Unified Communications. Plug-and-play implementation. Wired headsets ensure you’re always available. You get a reliable connection, without the hassle of recharging or coupling to another device. 

Mobile Headsets

Jabra Mobile Headsets

Jabra bluetooth mobile headsets: Enjoy the power of wireless connectivity with Jabra range of BLUETOOTH headsets. You can pair these headsets with multiple devices simultaneously, no more switching between your PC and mobile phone. With the power of BLUETOOTH, you can do more than take calls.

Computer USB

Jabra USB Headset

Jabra USB Computer based range offers the best audio available for digital calls. They work seamlessly with the majority of PCs and laptops, and enable you to enjoy rich sound and clear calls. Skype headsets are a series of USB corded and wireless headsets optimised for IP telephony.


Jabra Accessories

Jabra headset accessories: Amplifiers, Bottom Cords, Ear Cushions, Hookswitch, Handset Lifters, Spare Headsets, Battery & Chargers.


Jabra Compatibility Guide

Find your solution: Find the perfect fit for your mobile, desk or softphone

Jabra compatibility guide