Plantronics APS-11 EHS Adaptor for Siemens phones (37818-11)

Plantronics APS-11 EHS Adaptor for Siemens phones (37818-11)
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Plantronics APS-11 Electronic Hookswitch Adaptor for Siemens phones: Savi wireless 

Plantronics Savi EHS APS-11 Siemens Electronic Hookswitch Adaptor 37818-11

The APS-10 is suitable for use with the Savi range, with the following Siemens phones:

  • OpenStage 40
  • OpenStage 60
  • OpenStage 80
  • Optipoint 410 with acoustic adaptor
  • Optipoint 420 with acoustic adaptor
  • Optipoint 500 with acoustic adaptor
  • Optipoint 600 with acoustic adaptor


  • Always be aware of incoming calls, even when away from your desk, with the headset ring alert
  • Freedom to move around the office and accept and end calls from wherever you are with your wireless headset call control button
  • Direct connection to your phone, which eliminates the need for a mechanical handset lifter

NOTE: Do not order this adapter if your phone is not listed

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