Plantronics Clarity P340 USB Handset Incl. Desk Stand

Plantronics Clarity P340 USB Handset Incl. Desk Stand
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Plantronics Clarity P340 USB Handset Incl. Desk Stand (End of Life- while stocks last)

Plantronics Clarity P340 USB Handset Incl. Desk Stand is a device structured for knowledge workers with challenges when it comes to dexterity, hearing, or vision. This device helps these workers through several specific features integrated in it, including large buttons for dexterity, easy-to-read screen for vision, and amplified sound for hearing. This makes the device perfect for an aging workforce.

Plantronics Clarity P340 USB Handset is able to deliver crystal clear and natural-sound conversations. It makes use of DSP or Digital Signal Processing and Wideband Audio Quality. It has built-in speakerphone and can be operated hands-free.

Plantronics Clarity P340 USB Handset provides users the convenience they need in today’s fast-paced society. Users can store the contacts they frequently call for easy access. It also offers access to call control functions, across multiple softphones connected to the handset. And finally, it allows users to customise their handset’s settings through a headset control panel.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Plantronics
  • Product Type: Handset
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: Major Unified Communication Applications
  • Connectivity: USB Connectivity
  • Inclusion: Desk Stand

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Plantronics Clarity P340 USB Handset Basic Features

  • Simple PC Call Management
  • Personal Speakerphone
  • Large, Easy-to-read, & High Contrast LCD Display
  • Included Desktop Stand
  • Uncompromised Audio Quality through Wideband Audio & Digital Signal Processing
  • Built-in Amplification
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Large Buttons for Easier Dialling
  • Hands-free Operation
  • Caller ID Feature
  • Full Call Control
  • Four (4) Tone Settings for Hearing Loss Patterns
  • Large Earpiece on Handset
  • Software-enabled Functionality
  • Headset Control Panel for Customisation of Settings

About Plantronics

When Plantronics started in the year 1961, it did so because of the efforts of Courtney Graham and Keith Larkin to be able to develop a lightweight headset. These two pilots took their designs to Pacific Plantronics, which officially started the company. In the 1960s, heavy and large headsets dominate the market and industry. And that started out the company’s business and focus on the specific products.

Plantronics is the enterprise that introduced the first lightweight communications headset in 1962, which came in the form of Plantronics MS-50. In 1969, the company was involved in the mission to Mars, where Neil Armstrong became the first man to be in the moon. Talking to the control centre was made possible through the help of a Plantronics headset. This started out another chapter in the company’s history and actually became the pedestal for which the standard of excellence of the company is still continuing to follow.

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If you need more details about this handset, give us a call at Australia wide 1300 131 133 and purchase this product today!
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