Plantronics HIC-10, H-Top Adaptor Cable for Avaya (49323-46)

Plantronics HIC-10, H-Top Adaptor Cable for Avaya (49323-46)
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Plantronics HIC-10, H-Top Adaptor Cable (For Avaya)

Plantronics HIX-10, H-Top Adaptor Cable (For Avaya) is a direct connection cord and is used for Plantronics headsets towards specific Avaya series phones. Without the need for an amplifier, this device can be connected to the headset port of the phone easily, especially with its Quick Disconnect feature. It is an improved audio quality from the previous product, Plantronics HIC-1 Cord.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Plantronics
  • Product Type: Adaptor Cable
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: Plantronics H-series Headsets Avaya Phone Models
  • Note: Amplifier is not required

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Plantronics HIC-10, H-Top Adaptor Cable Features

  • High Compatibility with Plantronics H-series Headsets
  • High Compatibility with Specific Avaya Phone Models
    • 1408 & 1416
    • 2410 & 2420
    • 4424D+, 4606, 4610, 4610SW, 4612, 4620, 4620SW, 4621, 4621SW, 4622SW, 4625SW, 4630, & 4630SW
    • 5410, 5420, 5610, & 5620
    • 6416D+M & 6424D+M
    • 9404, 9406, 9408, 9504, & 9508
  • Quick Disconnect Feature
  • Direct Connection to Phone Headset Port
  • No Amplifier Needed
  • Improved Audio Quality Compared to HIC-1 Cord

About Plantronics

Established in the year 1961, Plantronics is an incredible developer and manufacturer of lightweight headsets and considered to be the first ever enterprise to do so successfully. The company is led by the expertise of President and CEO Joe Burton and approximately 5,000 employees all over the world.

Plantronics, headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, is a consumer electronics company that offers the following high quality products and solutions:

Communications Headsets • Communications Endpoints & Accessories • Telephone Headsets Systems • Specialty Products for Hearing Impaired Users

Office & Contact Centres Headsets & Audio Solutions • Mobile Devices • Corded & Cordless Headsets • Gaming Headsets • Audio Processors • Bluetooth Products & Solutions

Plantronics operates in the global market through around 80 countries with the help of many of the company’s phone and service providers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), wireless carriers, retailers, and distributors. These countries are located all over the Asia Pacific region, Europe, and North America.

About HeadsetsOnline

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Headsetsonline makes sure to only choose Australian distributors and avoid grey imports in order to ensure that all of the products and solutions offered are Australian standards certified. With Australian distributors, the company is also guaranteed that all of the warranties that come along the products and solutions are applicable Australia-wide.

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