Jabra VXi Clothing Clip 10 Pieces (14101-52)

Jabra VXi Clothing Clip 10 Pieces (14101-52)
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VXi Clothing Clip (10 Pieces)

VXi Clothing Clip is a package comprised of 10 pieces of clips that can be used together with wide variety of headsets. This clip can be pinned to user’s clothes in order to keep the cord of the headset properly placed and organised.

More Product Information

  • Brand: Jabra- BlueParrot/VXi
  • Product Type: Clothing Clip
  • Colour: Black
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Compatibility: Jabra/BlueParrott/VXi Headsets

Get this set of clothing clips by calling our company hotling at Australia wide 1300 131 133 and purchasing it from there!

Basic Features of the VXi Clothing Clip

  • Lightweight Plastic Construction and Structure
  • Sturdy and Strong Clip
  • Highly Compatible to All Corded Headsets

About Jabra

Jabra Corporation is all about great sound quality and more. The company, being a GN Netcom subsidiary, is responsible for the development of a lot of ear-radio and ear-microphone technologies and solutions. It is even the proponent of some of the best audio tech used in headsets and headphones today, including the active noise cancelling technology integrated in microphones for clearer conversations.

Jabra does not stop with just headsets and headphones. Since some of the audio technologies can be applied in other industries, the company has even involved itself in the development and manufacture of in-ear heart rate monitors. And the company aims to go further than that.

Jabra is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and from there has operated in the global market specialising some of the products and fields, including wireless connection, Bluetooth calls, true wireless, and speakerphones. More than just these specialisations, the company is responsible for creating top-notch sound and audio solutions capable of improving user experiences.

About HeadsetsOnline

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Get this set of clothing clips by calling our company hotling at Australia wide 1300 131 133 and purchasing it from there!
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